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Permanent hair removal, simple and guaranteed

Electric (electrolysis) hair removal

To go beyond the technical limits of laser hair removal and also treat blond, red and white hair.

Why use electrolysis or electric hair removal?

For clients seeking a permanent hair removal solution for hair types that do not respond to laser treatment, I propose electrolysis. This method is specifically designed to target and remove even the lightest and finest hairs, addressing a concern that many individuals believe to be unsolvable.


With nearly a decade of experience in practicing electrolysis, I have witnessed its transformative impact on countless lives. As a passionate practitioner of both electrolysis and laser hair removal, I take immense pride in being your most reliable advisor on achieving long-lasting results.


Rest assured that no matter the hair type or color, I possess the expertise to guide you towards the most suitable and effective permanent hair removal approach.


The technique in detail

Electric hair removal consists of destroying the bulb of the hair using a small electric pulse. The treatment is carried out hair by hair and requires great dexterity. The treated hairs are permanently eliminated. The number of sessions varies according to the hairiness; there are on average between 5 and 8 sessions, generally spaced 3 to 6 weeks apart.


For who ?

All women naturally produce male hormones, but certain genetic factors or hormonal changes during menopause and/or pre-menopause can lead to an increase in hair growth, particularly on the chin area. For many women, these unwanted hairs become a significant concern, causing self-consciousness and impacting their daily lives.


In response to this common issue, I offer electric hair removal, a highly effective technique that complements other methods of permanent hair removal, such as laser hair removal. Electric hair removal surpasses the technical limitations of other methods, making it the ideal solution for treating specific hair types and conditions that may not be responsive to laser treatment.


  • Blond, red, and white hair

  • Hair that lack pigmentation along their entire length

  • Darker skin tones


Where to find me and book an appointment?

Meet me in Jodoigne for a free information session.

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